Knowledge checking & education (Learning management)

This module enables the creation, deployment and management (including marking) of online learning exercises. Questionnaires and tests enable the development of templates that are able to contain text, pictures and video clips. Once allocated to individuals or groups and completed, the responses can be marked automatically to align with template answers and fed to the relevant trainer, manager and participant as required. This can also be used to build your own checklists and forms relevant to the task in hand.The records also appear within each individual’s candidate record

  • Create a bank of questions and learning media that can be used in any learning and/or testing template
  • Create templates for quizzes tests and learning sessions that can be deployed again and again in seconds to individuals and training groups
  • Create checklists and forms
  • Quickly generate new quizzes drawing questions from any and all categories
  • Allows the creation of open, multi-choice and true false question types
  • Can customise learning modules and media, questions, marking scores and template answers at any point
  • Question and/or answer presentation order can be randomised so that every individual’s quiz is presented differently
  • Time allowed for each quiz can be adjusted as required


  • All digital responses can be marked and reported automatically, providing instant feedback as required to the relevant delegate and trainer, etc.
  • Delegates can answer, flag and review their allocated quiz until any time limit is reached, saving each answer along the way to prevent data loss
  • Delegate records benefit from having a dedicated tab containing all completed quizzes and their results viewable by participants and relevant trainers, assessors and managers
  • Reporting process enables individual reports as well as training group based table-style reports, enabling easy review by trainers – and the training group if required