Why Assure?

The Assure competence management system has been developed over the last ten years by RPD Ltd.

Using the latest technology, we have developed, tested and enhanced the Assure online competence management system (CMS) to be used within any industry that requires assessment or training. Originally developed, with great success, in conjunction with a number of operators in the UK Rail industry,this system is now proven in a range of other sectors. All those currently using Assure have seen great benefits from the system and their feedback continues to drive ongoing enhancements.

RPD are the only UKAS accredited organisation authorised to inspect and formally certificate any organisation against the latest ORR guidance on developing and maintaining staff competence. We fundamentally understand the safety critical environment and the types of information assessors and senior managers need at their fingertips.

We have designed & built Assure with 4 key priorities in mind!

Management visibility

Management visibility

Instant access to assessment activities and statistics at a press of a button.

Reduce admin

Reduce admin

Removes the administrative burden for assessors, verifiers and auditors

Low cost

Cost-effective – with transparent and simple pricing with nothing hidden



Ability to use any device whatever browser you are using

Management control

The system is built to nurture feedback aimed at continuous development of every individual. As well as more critical feedback, it encourages assessors to provide advice, hints and tips that creates useful dialogue between people.

You can monitor and analyse your assessors’ progress and who is performing well at the touch of a button. As an administrator, you can control access for users of different types, including assessors, verifiers. You can also restrict access to specific groups of people, standards or locations to those relevant to the assessor. It eliminates the necessity for any paper records. It enables real time monitoring of activities, targets and quality of work.

Creative reporting

You can view a wide variety of reports in an easy to understand format, showing the performance of individuals or to view trends with a click of a button. Access these from any internet connected device. These can provide useful performance statistics to enable managers to make controlled decisions.

Mobile ready

You can access and operate the system using a range of devices. You can use your notebook, tablet or smartphone on the go, as long as there is an internet connection.

You will be able to connect to Assure and have instant access to monitor activities whenever you need to.

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