Experience records (Learning management)

This Experience logging management module is designed to enable training delegates, managers, etc. to record relevant experiences so that managers can be kept informed of progress. Feedback from users of this module tell us that this is one of the most valuable tools they have that enhance communication, access to information and progress reports

  • Design bespoke online log books containing required fields as well as the colour and look of the text and backgrounds
  • Able to collate and measure experience in different formats (hours and minutes (driving hours, etc), number of occasions and check boxes)
  • Course delegates can note their daily progress (and where relevant driving hours, operational experiences, etc)
  • Trainers can review delegate records and provide relevant feedback in seconds allowing learners to understand and acknowledge information quickly
  • Delegates can view their own experience records
  • A wide range of instantly viewable reports are available enabling clear lines of communication between delegates, trainers, assessors, workplace coaches and managers


  • Periodic feedback can be recorded at required stages along with performance rating scales measuring any aspect required including non-technical skills
  • Experience record booklets can also be designed for use by managers to record their own experience of required roles, supporting the maintenance of their own occupational competence